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Two Week Meal Plan: Eating Healthier!

I swear meal planning is so therapeutic for me sometimes. It feels good to know exactly what we have to eat and saving money by doing so. Meal planning and shopping for 2 weeks at a time saves you time and money. You'll notice that I often incorporate the same cuts of meat because I buy the meat in bulk. This meal plan I bought bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs and ground turkey in bulk. This allowed me to get 3 pounds of ground turkey for under $7 and chicken thighs for under $6. Also, when you aren't going to the grocery store weekly and or even more than once a week you won't be as tempted to buy extras which can add up quickly. I do still have the hubby stop the second week to grab some more milk and bananas but since he isn't walking through the aisles doing a full grocery trip he doesn't buy extras because he is just trying to get in and out so he can get home from work.   One thing I want to mention in my meal plans is that I like incorporating breakfast and

Lunch Meal Prep Box

Are you ever in a hurry to get out the door in the morning for work? If there isn't any leftovers prepacked in the fridge for my hubby he'll leave for work without bringing his lunch. This means come lunch time he'll be going through a fast food drive thru to grab something quick. Not only can this add up and hurt your food budget but it's not necessarily the healthiest thing in the world.  In an effort to save more money and eat healthier I started making prepacked lunch or bento boxes. I only premade 4 at a time because I will eat them too. If there isn't any leftovers in the fridge for my hubby to take with him he can grab one of these boxes and one of  these  breakfast burritos and he's good to go for the day.  Feel free to play around with the ingredients. Shop the sale items and be willing to swap something if it's cheaper than what I made below. The ones I made are about 420 calories a box with about 27 grams of protein. If you aren't a ranch

Spicy Breakfast Burritos

I've been making my hubby breakfast items to grab out of the freezer on his way out the door for work. I've made breakfast sandwiches with Canadian bacon, egg and cheese. There's been two different kinds of breakfast burritos, one with turkey breakfast sausage and one with chorizo. These chorizo breakfast burritos are hands down his favorite so that's what I plan on continuing making him until he gets sick of them and wants something else.  Making your own "convience" foods is not only cheaper but it's typically a lot healthier. You can adjust ingredients to your liking or honestly with whatever is on sale. If you don't want to use chorizo you can easily swap for a different meat like turkey or pork breakfast sausage. I've seen that Jennie-O makes a turkey chorizo which would definitely be healthier and lower in fat but in typical Wyoming fashion I can't find it anywhere!  Depending on how cheap you can find the ingredients the average pric

$100 Grocery Budget, One Week and Four People

Well our family is out of town and things are getting back into our regular routine. I am so exhausted though and my kids are even more so. I was planning on doing a 30 day freezer meal plan after they left but I am just lacking the energy and motivation to do so. My plan for this upcoming week is to do a full 7 day meal plan for around $100. When I was looking for inspiration all I could find were meal plans stating things like "snacks are a luxury" or "desserts rarely happen" or even worse was seeing no fresh fruit or vegetables. I am all about buying frozen produce when you can since it has great nutritional value and is typically significantly cheaper but I want my kids to be able to have fresh fruit as a side with their breakfast and lunch. Another difficult task with a $100 weekly grocery budget is the fact that my son can not, under any circumstances, have gluten. Gluten free products can be very expensive so the rest of us eat regular wheat products for ou