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Kid's Bathroom Makeover on a Budget!

Remodeling can be SO expensive! I sometimes feel the saying "champagne taste on a beer budget" 100% applies to me. Being the HGTV junkie that I am, I watch all of these people say they're doing things "on a budget" and think their "budget makeover" is my "champagne taste". Even though I do like the nice things and there are a lot of things I don't think you should skimp on the quality, it is definitely possible to have nice things and not pay an arm and a leg for them. Shopping the clearance section at home improvement stores is one of the ways we save a lot of money when doing projects. You might not get exactly what you initially wanted but as long as you have an open mind and a general idea of your design you'll be able to find what you need and sometimes it'll be even better than your original plan.

The biggest way to save money on any remodel is to do as much as you can yourself. Paying a contractor or handyman adds up quick. We had to have the pipes in our kid's bathroom shower replaced and it was definitely not in the initial budget. However, I didn't feel pieces of copper pipe coming out with the hot water into my kid's bubble bath was necessarily the healthiest thing in the whole wide world. So despite the couple hundred dollars we had to spend on that we managed to get the bathroom done for under $1000!!

Let us first begin with some BEFORE pictures...

You can stop gushing over those beautiful green apple laminate counter tops...YUCK! What was even better was the yellow vinyl flooring that had burn marks from the baseboard heater. The hubby thoroughly enjoyed removing what they used to seal the shower surround to the tub...GORILLA GLUE! Nasty, yellowing, gel like glue...who does that? We were also told that both the toilets in the house were replaced relatively recently. Apparently whoever did it had NO idea what they were doing because BOTH of the toilets in the house were cracked and leaking. So now our bathrooms both have new toilets and we were able to at least replace the kids with a round toilet to make the space between it and the bathtub a little bit bigger giving me more room when I'm bathing them. 

Now on to the AFTER pictures:

I swear it looks like a bathroom in a totally different house! The flooring is a lot lighter than I initially was planning on but the hubby found them on clearance and we ended up saving almost $150 and it was enough to cover both our bathrooms. I still need to change the door knob but since it's cheaper to buy the knobs in a contractor pack I am waiting to just do all of them at the same time. Brass is in again though, right? 

I hope this gives you the inspiration you may have needed to tackle your bathroom remodel!


Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Repose Gray $34.99 (SW Ovation)

Vanity Color: Sherwin Williams Green Bay $25.98 (Valspar Oil Based Cabinet Enamel)

Bathroom Door/Trim Color: Sherwin Williams Pure White $34.99 (SW Ovation)

Flooring: SMARTCORE Pro Jackson White Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank 
(Normally $59.20 per box which covers about 16 sq ft but we were able to score it for $29.33 per box and only used 2 boxes for the kid's bathroom!)

Baseboards: 5/8 in. x 3-1/2 in. x 96 in. PVC White Flat Casing 2 @ $14.48 each

Vanity Mirror: Style Selections White Beveled Wall Mirror $29.98

Vanity Top: Tuscany 25"x22" White Square Vanity Top $79.99

Sink Faucet: Glacier Bay Teapot 4in. Centerset 2-Handle Low Arc Bathroom Faucet in Chrome $32.00

Shower Faucet: Pfister Henlow One-Handle Single Spray Tub and Shower Faucet in Chrome on sale for $80.99, Handyman Install Labor Cost $200

Toilet: Mansfield Summit 2-Piece Standard Height Round Toilet on sale for $84.99

Shower Curtain: Threshold Ikat Yellow and Green Fabric Shower Curtain $14.99 (scored it on eBay!)

Toilet Paper Holder: Moen Preston European Style Paper Holder on sale for $9.88

Light Fixture: 4in. LED Recessed Light Kit $12.97, Handyman Install Labor Cost $25

Misc Supplies (paint brushes, caulking, electrical outlets/covers, etc): approx. $200

GRAND TOTAL: $954.37 not including veteran discounts provided by some great retailers! 


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